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Impact investing

Impact investments are investments made with the intention to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return.

Combining the two worlds


"In the past, commercial capital and social impact were clearly divided. The traditional approach is that you got rich with commercial capital and then you might do your philanthropy after the fact. You ran your business by any means necessary and then cleaned up the social and environmental problems thereafter. The fundamental idea of impact investing is to align the way a business generates profits with the way it generates positive social impact."​

~ Amit Bouri, CEO of Global Impact Investing Network 

Levels of impact

While sustainable investing incorporates ESG factors (environmental, social, governance) to ensure that regular businesses have sustainable operations, impact investing is actively seeking companies that have positive impact creation at their core.

Fundamental pillars

Through impact investing we support start-ups that are built around solving urgent problems and are able to  develop a long-term sustainable business model. We incorporate impact measurement and management processes from day one and make sure that the businesses are scaling the right impact. We use tailored financing of equity and mezzanine to ensure that start-ups have the means to grow and deliver the impact.

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